Landauer Medal

Landauer Medal

The Rolf Landauer Medal of the International ETOPIM Association is awarded during ETOPIM meetings. The next Rolf Landauer Medal will be awarded in 2021 in Besançon, France. Previous recipients are:

                  2009: Rolf Landauer (Inaugural presentation, awarded posthumously)

                  2012: David Bergman and Graeme Milton 

                  2015: Vladimir Shalaev and Costas Soukoulis

                  2018: Ross Mc Phedran and Ping Sheng

The award is open to all senior researchers in composite science, and it is for career contributions to composite research. At most two scientists, with closely connected work, can be nominated in a single nomination. A nomination letter and up to two supporting letters will have to be sent on or before December 31st 2020 (this is a strict deadline). The selection committee will consist of three distinguished scientists. Further details will be given later on.

We look forward to receiving your nominations,

The ETOPIM Medal Committee

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